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Baby sitter by matachu

Baby sitter


Wingit commission for the always cute  zarostenjin so i decided to be a bit mean

Mat got her to baby sit mew for a couple hours but she might be regretting it now,
A certain little lady doesn't understand what a baby sitter is, but knows what a baby is, and mew has decided to look after the baby after a couple "changes"
So now this little rockruff is in for a couple hours of being mew's new baby doll, and she better not resist anything mew wants to play

(just trying some mew mental age related content, don't read too much into it >u>;)

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    If li'l Rockruff keeps complaining, she's gonna end up getting the pacifier muzzle and/or the cone of shame. >;P

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      Mew will think shes just cranky because shes hunger and "give" her another bottle of milk before her pacifer

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        And if she "spits up," the bottle gets strapped on too. >;3

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    My favorite part of this masterpiece is when she shows uo her beauty!

    She look so nice on that way and also really look adorable and super happy!

    i got a question for you

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      ask away

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        why mew havce turned you into baby? What he had in mind for doing that?

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          Well she doesn't know what a baby sitter is but knows what a baby is, so she thinks this lady is a baby, so Mew makes her into a baby

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            that's interesting! i hope she can get back on her actual form!