Big meets bigger by Mat

Big meets bigger


31 August 2017 at 13:03:43 MDT

The fox was having fun. He had been steadily growing bigger after a slight accident at the lab, he loved the feeling of power and enjoyed toying with the smaller folk as he continued to expand bigger and more powerful throughout the day. Soon enough he was stomping through the streets, crushing cars under foot as if they were empty soda cans. He paraded his growing self through the streets, watching as the buildings grew smaller all around him. He laughed as he began towering over even those, finding that even the tallest of buildings were now below his eyeline and still getting lower. On and on he went, still growing for the next few hours until it finally came to a stop. He was disappointed now that the rush of his growth, the feeling of his body spreading out bigger had gone, but he was satisfied that he now towered over entire cities, people were less than specks looking up at his god sized body.

But then the ground began to shake violently even for his own massive self. He thought it was an earthquake but as he turned to look behind him he saw something that once again made him feel small, another giant was stomping his way towards the huge fox, someone far far bigger, an enormous husky.

A loud THOOM! shakes the entire countryside as an unbelievably huge paw slams into the ground nearby, reducing buildings to rubble from the force of the quakes alone. The fox looked up, nervous as the new giant looks back down at him, and the deep rumble of the huskies voice echoes down to him, "Hey there short stuff. Wanna play?"

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