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16 June 2017 at 17:47:48 MDT

This was a fun piece. I skimped out on it a fair bit, because we were supposed to make 5 5X5 tiles, but that would have taken a lot of clay, and cheap me decided that I'd rather save clay, so instead here are 4 4X4 tiles! I wasn't looking forward to this at first because their sole purpose was to help us with our glazing technique, but while I was watching the demonstration the professor did, I saw this technique to get these sharp, precise lines with the glaze, and I decided to practice it on all the tiles. Much masking tape and an exacto knife later, this happened! I wasn't originally planning for them all to be a part of the same composition, but as I was sketching up ideas, it occurred to me. I've ended up using this technique on several of my pieces since this, so I'd say that the masking tape-and-exacto knife style is a keeper.
If these dragons don't look familiar, that's because they are from my non-story dragons, Ques'Sirier (right), my sona (bottom), and my yet to be named dragon from my first collab (left). I don't do enough art of Ques, poor bab, and I really should get a name for my green gal.
Art and characters belong to me. Don't steal or repost, thanks.

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