[REPOST] [FILK] Springtime For Eisner... by marmelmm

[REPOST] [FILK] Springtime For Eisner...


20 March 2018 at 03:45:39 MDT



quote marker ink on paper; paste-up.

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.
"That's it! a sure-fire flop![/quote]

This, of course, had to be written, with the kind assistance of :iconeocostello:... :evil:

[i]Mickey Mouse was having troubles
What a sad sad story
Needed a C-E-O to
Restore his former glory

Looked around the house
A rat to save the Mouse
A Paramount
Expense account
Revealed our fav’rite louse!


Springtime for Eisner and Disneyland!
Wall Street is happy and gay!
We're scheming at a furious pace
Look out, here is the MAGIC place...

Springtime for Eisner and Disneyland!
Winter for Knott’s Berry Farm!
Springtime for Eisner and Dis-ney-land!
Come on lackeys, let’s make with the smarm!

I work on the Matterhorn
And that is why my name is Bjorn!

C'mon folks, don't be a wuss
And buy our junk at Toys R Us!

(musical bridge)

Springtime for Eisner and Disneyland!
Mouse step the wow step today!
Tink flying through the sky again!
Profits have gone sky high again!

Springtime for Eisner and Disneyland!
Registers ringing once more!
Springtime for Eisner...and Dis-ney-land...
Soon we will go!
We got to, you know!
We’re going...
Our product to
WHORE!!! [/i]

Illo (c) :iconspeet:. To the tune of "Springtime for Hitler" by Mel Brooks. ;-)