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Unity Episodes 00-01 by Mantrid_Brizon

Unity Episodes 00-01


Episode 00: A war has been raging for as long as most can remember, an age old fight over who is right and who is wrong. On the eve of battle, the quasi-reptilians prepare for another day of carnage and death, but their fate is about to change and their destiny is among the stars themselves.

Episode 01: Years after the war ended, Roku Woods, the daughter of George and May woods, prepares to join 'Project Unity'. A grand project unlike any other, it might be the only thing she can do to get out from her parent's titanic shadow.

Author's Note: While the first two episodes wound up being relatively clean, the rest of this series will be 18+ due to adult language, violence, sexual themes, and my need to pick apart leftist ideologies, such as radical feminism through the use of the aliens, the Kanorakus. :3