Assigned Male in a Nutshell by ManictheMod

Assigned Male in a Nutshell


5 April 2019 at 17:56:00 MDT

So about two years ago in the tail-end of my anti-SJW days, I posted a quick journal about Sophie Labelle's infamous comic "Assigned Male".

Now, even though I generally agree with what Sophie says regarding trans issues, I still find "Assigned Male" a bad bad comic, and it really all comes down to the writing and humor. Take this comic for example-

My problem with the way Sophie portrays her argument is that it's not only very preachy, but its preachiness kills the humor. Seriously, just get rid of the second-to-last panel, and this would've been a pretty good comic.

Same with this comic-

This could've been interesting... had it not been for Sophie hammering in the message. And oh God does Sophie like to hammer in her messages! If this were my comic, I would've written it like this-

Dad: Hey, where's Stephie?

Boy: In the washroom.

Dad: Are you staying for dinner? Stephie's friends are always welcome!

Boy: We're not really friends. In fact, I think she hates me...

Dad: Why do you think that?

Boy: I keep saying the wrong thing. I guess I really am a transphobe.

Dad: What do you mean?

Boy: Well, I asked if she was a boy dressed as a girl or a girl born with a boy's body, and she looked like she was offended.

Dad: sighs You know, I used to be the same way as you when Stephie first came out as trans. It was pretty hard for me learning which name and pronouns to use. And the ignorant questions I asked Stephie probably annoyed her so much! But you know what?

Boy: What?

Dad: It takes a lot of time to unlearn what we've seen as normal all our lives. And it's not just us, it's all of society.

Boy: sighs ... Thanks for telling me that.


Okay, I'm not the world's best writer, but it's at least better than the actual comic.

Sophie, as someone who agrees with most of your points, you either need to get someone to help write your stories or just stick with Gender Helpline (because that's where you shine best and Ciel's your best character).

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