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Lokir Wolf Fursona Headshot Commission Art by Maniac_Designz by Maniac_Designz

Lokir Wolf Fursona Headshot Commission Art by Maniac_Designz


Hey everyone! I recently completed a headshot commission for Lokir, a male wolf on Fiverr. I can't wait to share the incredible results with you!

Even better, my commissions are now open for headshots, full-body illustrations, and reference sheets. To get a feel for my work, check out my Fiverr portfolio, which includes art samples and client reviews.

Whether you're after a headshot, full-body art, or a detailed reference sheet, reach out to me on Fiverr using this link: 🔗

Explore my portfolio, read reviews, and contact me when you're ready for your personalized artwork. I'm eager to create something special just for you!

Thank you for your support – I can't wait to hear from you soon. 🎨🐾

Feel free to share this post with your fellow furriends who might be interested! 🐾 Let the creative journey begin! 🌈✨

Order art in Fiverr :
Pay only Fiverr! maniac_designz ✨