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Tiny Tina Dagger by Mangoloo

Tiny Tina Dagger


Mangoloo's Borderlands Tiny Tina Dagger

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  1. Made daggers from layers of foam board and spackle
  2. First coat of paint
  3. Second coats (Ahem... actually I think I painted 4 other ways before I got this design. First I painted and repainted a realistic look... but then I looked back at the character and saw how it was more comic book like so I went with a gradient look - which I got when I repainted the base coat with white. Then the top part black. Dry and paint white over the entire thing again. Ugh... took forever lol
  4. Details are my favorite part! First used 2-3 coats of a watered down red to get the blood look. Dried. Added 2 - 3 coats of a watered down black to the tips. Dried. Used black fabric pen to outline and do the line details. Then for the handle its a piece from one of those cloaks you get from the fabric store. I wrapped it tightly around the handle then used a watered down white to get the color. Finally used a black fabric pen to out line the creases on the handle.

TA DA! Tiny Tina's Dagger!

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