Have a Sip by Mama_JC

Have a Sip


21 September 2014 at 15:33:51 MDT

Just a little sip can yield huge results.

Feeling like everyone's taller than you? Mama can fix that.
Need to gain a pound or 1000? Mama can fix that.
Tummy gets too full too fast? Mama can fix that.
Feel like a different species or gender today? Mama can help with that.
Wanna bring all the boys to the yard? Mama can help with that.
Need hips, butt, boobs, or moobs that'll make jaws drop? Mama can help with that.
That guy or gal you like laughing at you as soon as you drop your pants. Mama says to ditch that fool and find better love interests. O.o

Ahem. Not only does mama have any potions and elixirs for whatever your needs are, there are even lotions, spritzes, and powders up for grabs. Even pastries can be baked on the spot with custom attributes.

Be sure to come by sometime and have a treat. ^w^

This dang sketch had been abandoned for two years. XD
I really hate to shade things.

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    ill take some

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      Awesome! XD

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        holds paw out please please please

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          Hehe. Okay. XD ** *she chuckled and gave him a small vial of green potion***

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            drinks it all mmm whats this one do?

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              That one makes you tall. And with as much as you drank, you'll be able to level a country in a bit. XD

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    i really love the angle and shading on this pic c: JC looks so cute!

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      Thanks a bunch. ^w^

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        you're very welcome c: