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[Comm by Pacelic]..Death from above.. by Malk

[Comm by Pacelic]..Death from above..


The ArchLord readied the spell as the draconic companion flew over the battlefield, scorching the fools who dare to oppose them. The air, filled with death and despair, trembled and roared when the Lord completed the formula and a disgusting bolt of unspeakable horror embraced the creatures below. A litany of death scratched the sky as a choir of souls rose from the ground, spiraling towards the one who blessed them with the gift of becoming his nefarious banquet.

Well there is really nothing to say about this since it left me speechless. Indeed my idea was great (oh Malk, so humble as always,) but pacelic really surpassed himself here and totally nailed everything. This picture seems to come from a D&D manual, a Magic:The Gathering card or an epic game/movie artbook and words cannot express how perfect and amazing it is.
Pace did also amazing job on designing the robe, on which I gave him full freedom and on depicting both Malk and Clive (one of my friend fersir's dragons,)here you can easily tell that there is somethign wicked about those two and that the Malk is indeed an high tier Archmage and Clive is no joke. I will absolutely commission Pace again for another fantasy themed picture like this, even because the communication with him was easy and nice.
PLEASE, go and watch pacelic cause he totally deserves so and his works needs to be shared with more. Hope you guys love this at least the half as I do, which would already be like, over 9000! (even if there aren't any dick around, ahah!)
And remember Kids, never mess with a Dark Overlord, never! (especially if he is an archmage and has a dragon mount, siuahaha!)

Original submission is located here

Artwork by the tremendous talented and amazing pacelic
Malkav Nereya, the harbinger of Doom and Supremos Magus Arcana © malk
Cliove, dragon mount of all the badassery © fersir

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