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[Commish by 7theaven]..In the heart of battle.. by Malk

[Commish by 7theaven]..In the heart of battle..


20 January 2014 at 08:25:12 MST

The Dark Lord stands,
Raising a death rattle,
With the fate in his hands.

Nothing will ever stop him,
Nothing will hold him at all,
Cause he is going grim,
And everyone is going to fall.



Yeee more SFW Epic art for me rawr! As some of you know, I'm a HUGE nerd who loves fantasy (and lovecraftian) shit so much <3 (just think that I started roleplaying when I was 12 lol) and epic pieces full of wizardry, epic fights and cosmical horror are simply the best for me. Armors are so amazing and so is this piece drew by the talented 7theaven who enjoys draw them a lot. I couldn't resist getting a piece from him and I have to say he did such a great job here, look at that armor and at that Malk, so proud and mighty in the middle of the battlefield. I know I got an extra toe and my horns are off (as always) but you know how I am about minor things like that, so (I'm not Voyd ahah! What a fag.)
I can't wait for another epic piece of pure armored (or clothed) badassery featuring two other mysterious beings rawr! In the while, I thank everybody who will fave/comment this/the original piece (even if it's not pr0n, but guys, bad!)
Look at that armor guys, so <3.


Imba armored art ©  7theaven
The mighty dragoon ©  malk