[Commission by tidmatiger]..Ahahah you amuse me.. by Malk

[Commission by tidmatiger]..Ahahah you amuse me..


20 January 2014 at 07:17:25 MST

..I'll kill you for last..


Mrawr..look at this shit..all the rotten lameness of that douche of Malk enclosed in this awesome bust that tidmatiger drew during one of her streams. Argh..it seems that this motherfucker have found somebody who amuses him and that he is ready to show him a bit of "affection"..blue and black one..kekekeke (no ebony isn't involved this time :c..you dirty fags )..Look at his hair..his blue hide and his sweet and lovely eyes..don't you wanna give him an hug?..maybe your last one..kekekekeke


Sweetilicious painterly art © tidmatiger
Crazy blue motherfucker © malk