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An Angels Lament by MalikVelkari

An Angels Lament


This story is in progress! This is an original story, featuring original characters,lands,and worlds, within mostly original realms. The angels are bases off the Catholic lore, and Enochian lore. This is a mixed race story, it features Anthropomorphic animals and humans coexisting with feral animals. There is supernatural plots, Hidden blades inspired from Assassins Creed make an appearance as well.

You can read it on [url=]Wattpad[/url], [url=]Fanfiction[/url], [url=]FictionPress[/url], [url=:]Inkbunny[/url], [url=]DeviantArt[/url], [url=]Weasyl[/url], [url=]FurAffinity[/url], and [url=]SoFurry[/url]