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FANART - HP - Favorite Family Friend by MalGV

FANART - HP - Favorite Family Friend


As they all gathered in their best wardrobes (or as best as the Professor could muster) for the first family photo with little Draco, Severus found it hard to smile as he continued to recite in his head:

"Do not become attached... do not become attached... do not become attached..."

He so wanted children, but this was not to be, and he had a mission to fulfill. He could not afford to become distracted by silly emotions, not even his godson.

Then, in a moment of weakness, Severus's obsidian eyes fell to the little bundle in his arms. Baby Draco, perhaps sensing those normally cold eyes upon him, gazed up for just a small moment, his light blues meeting his protector's, just as a warm glow fell over them.


When the moment came to pose for the photo that would last forever in the Malfoy manor, Severus knew from the soft smile that naturally came upon him that he had lost.

More backlog art! XV Took a break from commissions and personal art for some fan art. Having gone back to reading the books, I'm developing this fan canon that not only is Severus the close friend of Lucius, but he's also Draco's secret godfather (akin to Sirius to Harry). So this image and story came to me and I just thought it was the cutest thing! Severus would be the best protector. (I know that Greyback is also apparently a "friend", but I cannot image Narssy letting that psycho watch over her only child.)

I'm real happy with how I got everyone down; I wanted Narcissa to look powerful and sexy, for Severus to look a little soft for once, and baby Draco, since I rarely draw babies.