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YARDVILLE - The Yard and the Ville [Front] by MalGV

YARDVILLE - The Yard and the Ville [Front]


1 January 2022 at 19:49:32 MST

Here's a piece of Yardville-related art that I'm really proud of!

This is the actual yard that serves as the main setting of my comic. It's set on a corner lot in rural Florida, just like where I grew up. The trailer's an airstream, a piece of vintage I've always liked (there's several in my RL neighborhood), the plants are an oak tree and many, many sand pine trees (well known native trees in Florida), saw palmettos (another native FL plant) and a shed.

The human characters (Howard and Skelda) live in the trailer while the animals live among the plant life. I plan on doing a reverse scene shot from the back. I'm also thinking of doing different takes of this in different weather, but that'll be a while.