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Supper with a serpent by MalafaeTheArachnid

Supper with a serpent


"My sweet, you are a delectable morsel, caught in the grasp of my coils. Your friend was delicious, but you, my dear, have a flavor all your own.

Don't be afraid, for I won't hurt you. Unless, of course, you want me to. I can make you feel things you've never felt before. I can take you to places you've only dreamed of. Let me show you a world of passion and ecstasy, where our bodies entwine and our souls merge.

You see, I'm not just a creature of the dark. I'm a creature of desire, of seduction, of pleasure. And you, my dear, are my newest plaything. I'll tease you, tantalize you, and intoxicate you until you can't resist me any longer. And then, when you're under my spell, I'll devour you whole, savoring every moment of your delicious demise.

But for now, let's just enjoy each other's company. Let's revel in the sensation of my coils around you, the sound of my voice in your ear, and the beat of my heart against your skin. Trust me, my dear, and I promise you'll never want to leave my embrace."

Inkada is normally a lot bigger than this, but even in this chibi rendition there's more than enough room in his stomach for 2 tasty preythings~

This fun little encounter was part of a YCH created by birdrabbit ( )
Inkada is my own Malafae ( ) and the prime cow meat (and kobold chow in Inkada's stomach) belongs to gwehsbian~ ( )

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