OC Variations # 8: Purity Wan by Maine Coon Hazard

OC Variations # 8: Purity Wan

Maine Coon Hazard

15 September 2017 at 14:34:17 MDT

Hmm... this one's difficult to remember. I'm not sure if this character of mine was planned for "Labor Day" or "National Dog Week". I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

Was expecting this one to be finished earlier, since I started the sketches early before September, and still ended up this late on the finished result. But anyway on to what I done for Purity here.

Center: Original
The very first Cani-Elfen I made, taken straight out of the Elven Hybrids I've made, which was a major inspiration by VixyNyan. My very take on a dog-elf to be precise.

Top: Android
I went for a very Medabot-ish design on this one. I think I could of put a little more effort into this one, though. :P

Right: Human
I think this one came out the best. Plain simple human maid if you will.

Bottom right: Inumimi Version 1
Very dog-girl-like design I went for her here. Gave her some nice droppy ears, to match the color of her tail.

Bottom left: Inumimi Version 2
Gave her a very mustard yellow colored fur. Also using that yellow fur as censoring.

Left: Anthro
Plain dog-girl maid of furriness. I tried to make sure she didn't look to much like Isabelle from Animal Crossing with the idea on mind.

As to end things off, I realize I don't have anyone planned for a theme for November. At this point I'll just pick someone random for that month.

Purity Wan © to Yours Truly.

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