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Join us in June for Special Offers by Magpie_Hyena

Join us in June for Special Offers


Hey, bit of a late announcement here, but June 1st and 2nd were too full of activity for me to make a proper announcement.

I've been trying to get my ass into an online convention for months, and I've finally gotten into one! I am excited for the opportunity, albeit a bit confusing at times, and I want to share with my watchers, viewers, commissioners, and fans.

During the month of June I will be holding weekly specials in-stream. My streaming days will be returning for Thursday and Fridays, but I may also have impromptu streams here and there. I may even be streaming Drawpile sessions with others on occassion!
( And yes, if you are an artist of ANY skill level, I highly encourage you to join! We'll be holding the sessons hopefully in my discord group if I can figure it out! )

If you are willing and able, I am also offering special discounts and even a chance at FREEBIES via SecondLife! SLPonyCon goers will be eligible for a stacking 5% off of any commission they put in for during the month of June, so long as you can prove to me of your attendance. (read through the link below to learn more)

I have most of the information spelled out HERE.
Please take a look if you are so inclined!

Want to visit the con or see what they have going on? Please visit HERE.
Their SLURL is HERE.

Alternatively you can scan the QR codes in the image above to visit these sites!
Thank you for your interest!


Note: If pony content is not for you, I completely understand, and you don't need to fret, I will not flood my gallery too obnoxiously with pony content during this month because I'm aiming for my specials and discounts to be available to ALL under certain conditions. PLUS I've still got a good backlog of things to upload that aren't pony-related, so there's going to be some variety, don't you worry! If you still feel inclined to unwatch me during the month, I understand, and I look forward to your return!

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