Thank You! by Mador

Thank You!


3 September 2014 at 17:23:52 MDT

This isn't my greatest work, but I wanted a little visual to accompany what I'm about to say, and that is: Thank you. To all of you who decided I was worth following and even those who just stopped by and browsed my work.

I am regularly thinking about how great the support my artwork receives is. I'm just so flattered that people find my art as something to be enjoyed and that motivates me so very much to keep going. I know I'm not the most talented person, but your critiques and appraisal really do help me feel like I'm on the right track.

Now, while I may have been lucky enough to receive support right from the beginning, there are so many others who aren't as lucky. I ask that all you lovely folks help share your love with those artists who are struggling to make a name for themselves or are just starting out. If you like their art, let them know! A small compliment can go such a long ways.

Okay, time for something a little more serious. I don't normally like speaking about myself, but I feel like my absence and inactivity require an explanation. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for almost a year now and some recent events at home and school have been making things somewhat worse. I say this not to seek pity, but simply to bring awareness to it since some folks were not aware. Also, for the fact that because of this, I'm not always able to respond to comments or work on things in a timely manner. I apologize if I seemed distant to anyone, but rest assured it's nothing personal. With that said, things may still be a little slow here, but I'm working to be a little more active sometime in October.

Finally, again I'd like to thank everyone who's supporting me, be they from my humble beginnings or recent followers! You're all wonderful!

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