$10 Experimental Commissions! - CLOSED by MadMeeper

$10 Experimental Commissions! - CLOSED


7 July 2016 at 22:55:15 MDT

These commissions are now CLOSED thank you guys for the overwhelming responses! It means a lot to me and I've been learning a ton of things through doing these. :> You guys rock <3

SUP nerds, I’m offering experimental commissions! Why? Because I have a lot of things to learn and I need some opportunities to try out new techniques on characters that aren’t my own. Some things I’m looking to experiment with include shape language/character design (for animation), color, and light! What will they look like? Who knows! You might get something with color, you might get a sketch, I can’t say for sure haha. That’s half the fun in it (and also why I’m pricing this lower than any my other commissions).

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at madmeeper(at)gmail with the template below. Please note that these commissions are also subject to my TOS

  • Username: (please also include the website)
  • Character Reference:
  • Character Personality:
  • Type: Experimental
  • Paypal:

If you want a bit more security in commissions, my normal info is over yonder. Otherwise, signal boosts would be super appreciated! :> Thanks!

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    Hmm I might be interested, if not I'll spread the word when I can :)

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    I'm in! I'll note you =)