Ice Age 5 - Brooke by Mad-Face Pro c.c

Ice Age 5 - Brooke

Mad-Face Pro c.c

15 March 2016 at 13:59:44 MDT

No ONE saw this one coming! Ice Age FANART????!! WHA? Finally, huh. Long story short: I wanted to draw Kyle again so I can get practice. I gave up and then I thought about drawing Brooke. And there you go. XD

Gosh, this is one of the most longest artworks I have worked on. XD I started on drawing her last night. Then I began to work on her again right after school. No breaks. No food. T^T, oh, man...she was hard to draw. Well, not technically. I only had trouble drawing her hair and her dress/fur...whatever it's called. Since I never drew curly hair or fur, it was a new experience. I personally thought I did bad, but you are here to judge.

My thoughts on Brooke. I actually think she's really cute. That's why I drew her in the first place. Plus, I never drew any sloths in my life. So this is my first one. (Sorry, Sid) ANNNNDDD there's NO Brooke fanart!!! Well, only like two but that's it! Now, just by analyzing her, I think she's a princess in the upcoming movie. Probably some of you already thought of it...maybe not? Well, I think she's a princess because of the obvious. Her dress/fur thingy. Plus the gem she has around her neck. I still question why she and some other new characters have that.

As for her personality, I think she'll have good manners and acts like a true princess. Brooke might be wondering who'll be her shining knight of armor. :meow:

Hope you guys like. You can critique, comment, or favorite this!

Artwork done by me!

Brooke belongs to Blue Sky Studios.

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