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Big Boss Katherine


15 September 2017 at 11:59:42 MDT

Inspired by Big Boss character. Surely they wonder why she is a woman? Well, it turns out that because my characters both Katherine and her son Kurt are red-haired and have blue eyes, very characteristic quality of these, (ie Solid Snake and Big Boss) was the reason to do this parody.

As for the character of Big Boss, with that look, nobody wants to get in his way … except Ocelot, The Boss, and one such “Raikov”.

Katherine Marquez (2013-2017) Character belonging to © Derek “MadBoysketch96” (me)

Big Boss (1987-2017) Character belonging to © Konami/H. Kojima

Metal Gear Solid 3: “Snake Eater” (2004) by © Konami/H. Kojima

Art made by © Derek “MadBoysketch96” (me)

MB96 2017


Inspirado en personaje de Big Boss. seguro se preguntaran porque es una mujer? bueno, resulta que debido a que mis personajes tanto Katherine como su hijo Kurt son pelirrojos y tienen los ojos azules, cualidad muy caracteristica de estos, (es decir, Solid Snake y Big Boss) fue la razon de hacer esta parodia.

En cuanto al personaje de Big Boss, con esa mirada, nadie quiere meterse en su camino… excepto Ocelot, The Boss, y un tal “Raikov”.

Katherine Marquez (2013-2017) Personaje perteneciente a © Derek “MadBoysketch96” (mi)

Big Boss (1987-2017) Personaje perteneciente a © Konami/H. Kojima

Metal Gear Solid 3: “Snake Eater” (2004) por © Konami/H. Kojima

Arte hecho por © Derek “MadBoysketch96” (mi)

MB96 2017

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