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Mackenzie "Mach" Bluestorm by LunarWind

Mackenzie "Mach" Bluestorm



Picking up on the Roadmap again, with another character that has grown in Importance to Lunar Wind's Continuity as well!

This is a Character known to most as Mach, who happens to be Ally's Eldest Child and was born prior the Branches themselves, so she manages to take presence in each Branch.

"The Eldest daughter of Ally. Quiet, stalwart, strong, and musically inclined, Mach is a powerful Lunarien, though has a larger desire to simply live her life. With a good sense of family, she tends to try and shoulder a lot of any problems and try to solve them herself."

-Character Description Supplied by Zorek

Mackenzie is usually depicted in her Early 20s, in what's considered LW's "Next-Gen" Timeframe, with her role often being a supportive one to that of her younger siblings.

She also (on the subject of being Musically Inclined) happens to be a Guitarist, and can sometimes be seen with an Acoustic Guitar on her person for gigs with her friend's band, Golden Row (Said Friend is an Echidna simply known as Brass).

Her Lunarien Abilities are known to be Rather Powerful compared to an Average Lunarien's Own, and thus her temperament is usually more composed. She's very no-nonsense should you cross her, though, and it doesn't take much for her to hand one's ass to them if they act out of line.

This is how Mach looks in Futures 1 and 3, respectively! It is common for Mach's Appearance to vary between futures, so do expect more of that to show up now and then!

Mach belongs to Zorek

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