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Tom Bluestorm by LunarWind

Tom Bluestorm



Continuing On Cast Introductions, here we have Tom!! This was actually drawn over on my Tegaki E, if anyone is curious about the doodle-like quality and doubled watermark, haha! (let's just say, I had a very particular version of it on there-- this is going to be changed to "LW" for the sake of consistency in future doodles! )

Funny he gets two, considering they're. Well. WATERmarks. Yeah~?

Ally's Twin Brother, brought back to life after a faulty one-use spell that was not within his sister's skillset!

He's both Very Curious and Very Optimistic, which gives him a rather innocent outlook on life- and he loves the Aquatic aspects of Mobius (ranging from the creatures, the scenery, to the seas themselves)!

Seafood, of course, makes him very sad and uncomfortable Q Q;;

Ally in particular is very protective of him, as he happens to be all that is left of her living family!

Tom, also, in contrast to Ally's Aerokinesis, is Hydrokinetic.

Predictably, He's Also Lunarien. I mean, hey, they're twins after all-- you had to see that one coming! Also, the outfit he's wearing is a green tunic that parts in the front, and a pair of shorts. It's just very difficult to tell with the pose and all.. ahah.

Because he's so new to things, Tom can often be a little slow when it comes to grasping or learning new concepts, but he means well!

Tom belongs to me

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