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Karono by LunarWind




Back on track yet again, this time around I'll be introducing a handful of Major Characters of mine (some of which are part of my main cast with Ally and co., and others being characters I pay attention to almost as much-- well, concept-wise..? Listen, I'm trying okay?! X'D )

Anyway, we'll be starting with Karono here~ <3

Karono often comes off as harsh and is not the best at socializing, as he hasn't had a very nice childhood. He was brought up by a tyrant who expected to condition him into being just as cruel, and Karono ran off from this bad situation once he reached the age of 8.

Later of course he meets Ally, who literally does not leave him alone until she can help him and defeat said tyrant once and for all- to which he's more than thankful for!

Asides from his irritable exterior, he tends to be protective and look out for those who've grown close to him, this especially goes for Ally, Seilo, and few others...

If there's anything additional I should note, it's that Karono is also Lunarien-- and that he's actually a full-on hedgehog, despite the "demonic" features. Said features are actually smallscale for lore reasons, for him in particular (More on those details at a later point in time, when I can figure Lunarien Informationals and the like out-- OR bring up where it's most relevant! We'll see how it plays out.. ).

In general though, it's advised not to mistake him for a demon, you may very well offend him for that kind of assumption!

Karono belongs to me

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