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Night Beach by LunarWind

Night Beach



Wrapping up the prompt-work from 2016 with this incredibly off-season scenario!

...Or, at least, what I'm hoping still is, considering how weird the winter weather has been these past few months.

This is actually part of a set of pieces between my friends and I for having reached a milestone together, where we agreed to feature the others' characters in our pieces for this theme! We coordinated everything down to the outfits, and even the time of day each scene was depicted. It was one of the things that year that really made my heart full at the time, and I cherish the days we spent together through it as somewhat of a team (but especially as friends)!

Here are the Sister Pieces, Please Note that this is the ONLY time you'll see any dA links from me*:
~Ira's (Daytime)~
~Azure's (Sunset)~

(*of course, if either of you ever post these elsewhere, I'd be glad to change the link to a non-dA one! Just let me know anytime, yeah~? )

As for this piece itself, it's largely based on one of the things local friends and I used to do on vacation-- something we dub "Night Beach", in which we take a bunch of Glowsticks and scamper and clown around on the shore! Ally herself is decked out in almost all the Blue ones in particular, silly hedgie~ <3

She's also brought her Twin Brother, Tom, with her-- as he absolutely LOVES the sea and takes to the water like a fish!! Here's hoping they all have fun, yeah~?

Kellie belongs to ChibiKittyIra (Twitter)
Ivory belongs to AzuretheNerd (Twitter)
Ally and Tom belong to me

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