MFF 2007 Badge [by Likeshine] by Luketh

MFF 2007 Badge [by Likeshine]


15 March 2019 at 23:03:04 MDT

This is what started it all! For many years before this all I had were my own child-like scribbles and my Second Life avatar as visual representations of Luketh.

Likeshine with this picture actually had a massive part to play in what Luketh is today. It was my first trip to the US and I'm basically still a kid, seen and met with so many people I'd been friends with online for years prior. It'd been 6 weeks I think and I'm flying home the next day, Ferian and Rucio convince me to stay an extra weekend to go to MFF with them, god am I glad I did, one of the most memorable con experiences I've had and I still miss and appreciate the hell out of these guys today. Long story short they introduce me to Likeshine and I jump at getting a badge from her, this was before common smart phones and mobile internet so all I have to direct her is "Small green dragon with yellow hair."

Couldn't have been more chuffed. ❤

There was actually someone else I had paid cash in hand for a commission to be mailed home of myself on Jes'ad's shoulders, but in my con induced alcohol haze I couldn't for the life of me remember who it was and never heard back.

🎨 Artist is Likeshine Likeshine

Commissioned November 2007.

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