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Macro gaming by Luke Micro

Macro gaming

Luke Micro

15 March 2014 at 20:08:36 MDT

Who needs to buy a flat screen when civilization puts monitors on their skyscrapers. Chandra heregot a custom crafted playstation and is gaming away (and actually wearing clothes for once!!)

Do you recognize the game she is playing? I do :3

Art done by Samusmmx


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    Jak 3? Bloody hell that takes me back. Well, not really that far; I kind of got 2 and 3 long after the fact just because I wanted to see how things went forward. But it has been a good few years since I'd played it. I didn't realise they remade it on the PS3.

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      Yeah, they made the "HD collection for PS3" (aka ported it to PS3 on the PSNetwork) but I love my old gen games :3

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    That's a funny idea, I never would've thought to do that, lol. Nice job btw