AC 2k13 pre-commission! - Certified Chef by lucashoal

AC 2k13 pre-commission! - Certified Chef


20 January 2014 at 16:39:46 MST

marymouse did this! (I'm on row three, eighth from the left)

I've been thinking about my degree. I didn't like being called Chef, since classically, the Chef is the one in charge of a kitchen. And all the other workers under him/her are cooks. But... then I thought about it. I did earn my Culinary degree, and I was an ACF Certified Chef (I let my membership lapse.)

So, I don't mind being called Chef now. Except by my one aunt but that's another story. ANYWAYS.

I'd wanted a Mary Mouse badge for awhile, and AC seemed like the right time to get one! So I did! Complete with the kind of Chef Wear coat I'm partial to.

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    you are a chef!

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      yup! I do it for a living c:

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        i am a pot! put the ingredients inside of me!

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    you think about the title of chef the same way I do! my parents are always like 'Oh youre a chef!' and I'm just sitting here like, 'yeah I wish lol I'm a cook who's finished his culinary training is all'

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    I've always been... dismissive of just how 'mystical' most culinary people are towards the 'chef' title... xD

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      shrug it's a term of respect.