Oh Suh~ by LTSmiley

Oh Suh~


20 January 2014 at 01:52:01 MST

Hello loyal fans, readers and assorted sadist specialist—if I ever get a blog up I’ll totally open with that. So I sat by some random guy in the coffee shop today and tugged on his tie. People are so uptight on this planet. Actually I guess I can’t say that that applies exclusively to this planet. Warped Visions—our crew leader—there’s a Qwuedeviv who’s uptight. Seriously, it’s like some rammed a stick up its…moving on. The guy I met at the coffee shop was pretty uptight too; thought I was a freak and all the usual Earthian assumptions. I offered to get him a second cup of coffee at my expense, but he insisted he would call the cops or something along those lines. I love getting the Earthians all riled up, but apparently it jeopardizes our cover. Does that seriously even exist with Crew 52 messing everything up all the time? Anyway I got a ‘police escort’ out of the coffee shop—naturally that would be Captain Killjoy Sif.
--Ick Out

Simply put, Ick has nothing better to do with its time then cause trouble and what not. XP And yus, that guy does in fact look a lot like professor Oak XD And no, it is not him.

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