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Baghatur / Lady Mongol by LordJaguar

Baghatur / Lady Mongol


Baghatur / Lady Mongol Bio

Art by

Real Name: Sasha Sarantsatsral
Species: Mongolian Mare
Height: 5’3
Age: 25
Weight: 125
Hair and Fur: Black and gold
Eyes Brown
Build: Muscular
Marital Status: Single

Family: Mother and Father, plus 5 borthers, All the family expect for 1 brother remain in the steppes tending the family herd.

Sasha is from the southern region of Mongolia, also known as the Gobi desert. She is the only daughter of a nomadic herding family and has 5 brothers. Sasha finding very little for her in the “family business” instead decided to follow one of her brothers into the Mongolian military. She progressed well into the military progressing to the rank of lieutenant in the medical core when she was approached by the special services branch. Sasha learned that the Mongolian government had decided that a state sponsored super was a necessity as super powered criminals in both Russia and China had been crossing the border with regularity and committing various crimes. Although the Chinese government had “stressed” that the Asian BOS was handling the problem and that no additional help would be warranted, or be allowed. The Mongolian government then opted to have their own national heroine who would be outside the controls of the BOS department. This project had stalled due to reluctance of the Great State Khural (the Mongolian parliament) to antagonize China. But due to recent events (See Quest for the Tomb) pushed the issue to the forefront and it was decided a national heroine was indeed needed. Sasha competed and was evaluated out of a dozen candidates and was declared the most suitable for the position of Baghatur (The great hero of Mongolia). Sasha volunteered to undergo a chemical procedure that gave her super powers, and was equipped with high tech weaponry, after a demanding training regimen she was declared the National Heroine of Mongolia by the United Nations.
Baghatur has super strength, and extraordinary reflexes, she can lift upwards of 3 tons. Sasha also is an expert archer and swordsmare. She has access to several high tech weapons. She has several specialty arrows that vary from explosive to sleep gas. Her sword is also a high tech weapon that has a super slice mode that can cut through steel. She is also proficient in martial arts.
Armor: Baghatur wears armor biased off of the Mongol warriors of Gengus Khan. It is a mix of titanium and Kevlar. It is bullet proof and gives her the ability to take an enormous amount of damage.
Personality: Baghatur is a proud and stubborn mare. She is fiercely independent and that may be one of the main reasons that she was chosen to be Mongolia’s national heroine. As Baghatur she takes no guff from Chinese officials while in Mongolia and she is fiercely critical of Tigress Titian whom she sees as just a party lackey for China. In fact she outright loathes the tigress and refuses to have anything to do with her in her national heroine role, often seeing herself as the one “true” heroine of central Asia. Baghatur main duty is to defend Mongolia from super criminals and to project a positive view of Mongolia to the outside world.
Fun Facts:
Baghatur is often called Lady Mongol when she is outside Mongolia due to a western reporter not being able to get her name exactly right, he made up the Lady Mongol name on the spot. Sashsa finds this extremely annoying and often tries to correct furs with her correct name.
Baghatur is often contemptuous of western heroes seeing them as soft, often commenting on her own proud warrior heritage. To her respect is earned not given.

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