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Psionic Social Commentary by LongcrierCat (critique requested)

Psionic Social Commentary (critique requested)


28 January 2014 at 16:11:42 MST

Based on a story psion wrote for me as a trade. I liked this scene so much and thought it would make for a really good page to experiment on for my webcomic.

"The first one to decide in favor of giving up his seat for this real-life multiplayer brawl was the panda. Lunging at Kass, he attempted to aim low and send her for a loop with a gut punch. That turned out to be a mistake on his part. Were the punk ferret a thinner girl, the Gut Bomb she ate at Josephine’s would have added some badly needed color to the panda’s black-and-white t-shirt. As there was roughly a foot of soft, cushioning blubber between her furry pelt and her actual stomach, what would have been a vomit-inducing blow merely massaged out a brief episode of indigestion she happened to be feeling at the moment. Her opponent finally realized just how well padded she was when all his attack did was elicit a satisfied belch reminding her of her previous meal.

As his fist sank into her gut like a pillow full of marshmallow fluff, the surly black-and-white mustelid flashed a rare smile before punching her opponent squarely in the face, her hammy fists revealed just how much power rested behind them as she knocked the panda off his feet and squarely on his butt. There was nothing quite like a good brawl against to put her in a grinning mood. “

To see the breakdown of the page, go to my Tumblr page.

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    Second-to-last panel.
    "I got your nose!"

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    Ya ha dto punch the largest, softest, most well padded part didn't ya?

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      yep, yes he did.

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    What made him think that was a good idea :I