The Sword [Reference] by lolzguy

The Sword [Reference]


18 October 2019 at 13:55:14 MDT

Reference of my OC "The Sword" for my personal setting "Sanctum".

Previews and additional sketch work were posted early in my new Telegram channel:

A robotic entity sent by the New Gods from their secluded realm to maintain the balance in a fractured universe. Her solemn duty is to annihilate what remains of the First God for eons upon eons, wielding the sacred Dogma Blade to enforce the will of the New Gods onto reality after the great usurpation of the universe. Blending into a feudal society on a derelict titanic war machine with her synthetic body, oblivious mortals shall never know her duty and the truth about their world.
On the left, you see her pure body (it's not an armor suit!) designed in a way to mimick knightly plate armor, yet also having distinctly robotic parts inspired by mecha designs on the limbs. On the right, she is in her disguise consisting of multiple layers of loose robes that obscure her mechanical silhouette to blend into the world of the mortals.