Dalek in Panties by lokis

Dalek in Panties


15 March 2013 at 14:18:56 MDT

I really wanted to put a caption. "I am confused" and "I feel pretty" came to mind...

Quick thing done to get a laugh out of my husband, who will be seeing this in his email later today.

Long story short, I only got acquainted with the modern Doctor Who series in the last couple months (I grew up with the original and put off seeing the new for a very long time). My husband was resisting seeing any of it, but the first episode I got him to watch was "Dalek" from the first season. Due to the Dalek's decidedly un-Dalek-like behaviour, his response was "that was like finding out Attila the Hun secretly wore frilly pink women's undergarments". Since then, any time any of the creatures, characters, etc that behave less like a badass than he remembered in the original series, frilly pink panties have been brought up as a joke. So of course this mental image came to mind with that. I finally drew it.

...and I don't know if the Doctor would laugh at this or be utterly horrified.

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    Lucky it's not a case of MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! Thanks for the chuckle.

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    Ha! Cute.