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Sylvan Wolf Design + Tail for Sale by LobitaWorks

Sylvan Wolf Design + Tail for Sale


30 December 2014 at 12:09:41 MST

I have a few cute, fluffy tails waiting for a buyer, so I’ve created character designs to match. :)

Meet Sylvan the green wolf!
For the price of $60 + shipping*, you can own the rights to this character and get this tail shipped to you.
If you’re interested in having it turned into a fursuit, that’d be $2300 + shipping ($1950 if you don’t want leg padding). “Parts” commissions are available too (such as just the gloves and feet, or a pair of headband ears, whatever combination you want). Rates vary.

Completion time on the fursuit option varies depending on when its paid for- definitely let me know if you have a specific deadline in mind, it should be no problem as long as we have a couple months advance notice. :)

When you buy one of these characters:
-You can repost the artwork with credit
-You have the right to trade or resell the character for any price
-You can modify the character as you wish (if you want me to do changes or create more drawings of the character, additional fees apply)
-You are allowed to make your own suit based on this character, as long as I receive credit for the design

*Exact shipping costs vary depending on location. For just the tail, the rates are as follows:
United States: $10.00 USD
Canada: $31.00 USD
United Kingdom: $47.00 USD
Everywhere Else: $42.00 USD

These are first come, first served- email me at lobitaworks[at] and let me know which design you’d like to buy, and we can arrange the details from there. :) Email only please!

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