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Denali Lobita Fursuit by LobitaWorks

Denali Lobita Fursuit


A fursuit of my fursona I debuted at MFF 2012.
She sports digitigrade legs, large feet, and a dropped crotch for a more feral look. She is made with beautiful realistic wolf furs, and has a sunny and cheerful expression.

Because my heads are looser fitting than most, not much of the mask is in contact with my face, which meant the inside of the stayed pretty dry the whole con. The feet sport thick latex pawpads that proved to be nice and durable over the course of the weekend. I think it is really important to build things for yourself once in a while as a fursuit builder to not only stress-test your methods extensively, but also to have a way to showcase your work at cons. :) I see a few areas I'll be tweaking on this now I see the photos, but overall I really couldn't be happier. It's been quite a little while since I've had a fursona suit!! Thanks for all the compliments and hugs at the con.


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    I still have my "Vote for Growly" button. <3

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    Just too cute! XD

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    Those feet + legs are just a perfect shape!

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    Adorable! :D