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Ghost Vampire Bat Partial Suit FOR SALE 2 by LobitaWorks

Ghost Vampire Bat Partial Suit FOR SALE 2


This spooky ghost bat is haunting our house, eek! We have to exorcise him out of here quick! Will you help us by taking home this creature of the night?

This brand-new partial suit is available for sale via email offer- minimum offer price is $1500.

HEAD: Base is sculpted by a friend, made from lightweight closed cell foam with ample ventilation for the comfiest possible fursuiting experience. Very few parts directly contact your head, and you can just wipe down the inside with a damp rag to clean it. Room for glasses, head will fit a circumference of around 24” maximum. Padding can be added inside to accomodate smaller head sizes.

HANDS: One size fits most, made from stretchy fleece with soft vinyl claws. Bias tape at the wrist to prevent stretching/fraying.

TAIL: So lightweight you won’t notice you’re wearing it- fluffy and cute with a devil spade tip. Anchors to your belt via two sturdy webbing belt loops.

Partial suit comes with character rights, care kit, and our 90 day warranty. Additional parts may be commissioned separately, such as bodysuit/wings/feet. Artwork commissions such as a ref sheet and conbadge are also possible to be commissioned. I’d also be happy to link you to the materials used if you’d rather DIY the rest of the costume.

Enjoy all the upcoming conventions with an awesomely unique and eye-catching fursuit!

Email lobitaworks[at] with your offer of $1500+. No minors (age subject to verification).
Offers will stay open til March 4th. If your offer is accepted, full payment is due within 7 days. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture