Chipboard Tag Badges - Get one for AC! by Lizzie Bean

Chipboard Tag Badges - Get one for AC!

Lizzie Bean

10 June 2016 at 11:06:55 MDT

I found these really cool thick chipboard tags (which basically a super dense wood-like cardboard) on clearance at Michaels, and I thought would make really awesome badges. :D The pack I got had 9 of them, one of which I used to make this badge for myself, so I thought I'd offer the other 8 up for you guys!

Badge Specs:

  • $60 EACH
  • measures 3 1/2" x 7"
  • Colored primarily with copics & prismacolors
  • Protective gloss top coat
  • Gold metallic paint backing on front
  • Fancy scrapbook paper on back
  • Rhinestone embellishments
  • Ribbon tie on top

If you are going to Anthrocon, you can pick your badge from me at my table. If you're not, you can still order a badge, but shipping will be extra ($5-$10 depending on where you live).

These special tag badges will NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE CONVENTION!!! The only way to get one is to order one now. Also, since these tags were on clearance, I can't get more. So once these 8 are gone, I can't make any more!

If you would like one, e-mail me at First come first serve!

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