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Winter panoramic by Littlee

Winter panoramic


(OLDART 2008)

This is one of the free panoramics i did ages ago.

Anyways from left to right we have:

redfoxfan's bird girl (who is watching the sillyness).

SqueedgeMonster. (who is eating popcorn on the couch)

lascivious_leviathan's Caea. (the bird about to start a water gun fight)

mystkatodark. (who is cleaning his foot but just realized what's up)

SqueedgeMonster's Kairu. (smoking a doobie on the recliner)

and lastly

lascivious_leviathan's Trisha (the lady is gunna get it crunk in there with her water gun)

i had fun with this, i tried a new lighting and coloring technique and i think it came out well.

(hopes this works) click here for larger view

all charaters (c) to their creators

have a blessed day furs
enjoy the arts
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