Kawaii Chibi: Rousu Mouse by Littlee

Kawaii Chibi: Rousu Mouse


3 June 2016 at 18:58:06 MDT

Keeping them coming! Commissioned to make more of these Super adorable chibis! This one is ready to be sent home. Sooo excited, thank u guys for the support in my time of need💝

💝 ( if u like one, i am doing a sale! This lil must-haves are 4in x 6in and there are 2 options you have to get one (or more than one XD ) Both still require $2 shipping because this is traditional art.
$7 is fully color chibi
$12 is fully colored, cut out and laminated. (Winged sonas are auto $10)
Once payment is confirmed I will begin asap. ( if u don't pay the $2+ it will not be shipped) DM me)

(sweet Lil Plur EDM Mouse belongs to a FB furry) this is a couple's badge to this one> https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1301906/kawaii-chibi-vapin-fox

have a blessed day furs
enjoy the arts
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anything from rated G to ♥XXX♥ (scat and cub PORN = NO!!! DOES not include kawaii/cute cub pics, i do draw those )
(TRADITIONAL Art Prices) S&H is always separate unless i am running a special**
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