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Wonder Boy Vampire Dragon by LittleDevil-888

Wonder Boy Vampire Dragon


25 February 2021 at 20:30:05 MST

I recently heard my favorite Sega game "Wonder Boy 3" got a remaster. The art in the new version is absolutely amazing and has reignited my love for this old game.

But seeing the vampire dragon boss again... I had to do something. Its design is one of the ugliest I've ever seen. I HAD to try my hand at the concept, so here it is. No idea if I'll do the other 5 or not.

I really like how this came out. The drool in both of the "mouths" was fun. This has some more detail than a lot of what I normally do because when I draw for Wolf Of Penumbra I intentionally keep things extra simple to go with the idea it's an animated series.