Kiuro & Yuki - Riding The Bullet by LilWuff

Kiuro & Yuki - Riding The Bullet


14 December 2013 at 16:40:23 MST

1 ) Riding The Bullet

---"Come on! The faster we get past these things the faster we can get out of here! I don't wanna be blown up! ;A;" Yuki stood a good ways away from the Bullet Bill Canon, eyeing it carefully. She'd managed to dodge all of the BB's so far, but she was not about to take any chances.

Her companion, on the other hand, had a different, more interesting idea. "Hold on a sec, kay. I want to try something."

"Try something? What could you--" But she didn't bother finishing her sentence, for it wasn't a second after she started that Kio placed his paws on the top of the canon, pushing himself up.

"Kio!" She yelled, worried about his safety, as his torso hung directly in front of the canon opening, but also amazed at his stupidity.

Kio laughed aloud, swinging his foot up and on top of the canon, scooting and climbing the rest of the way up, "Don't worry! I got this."

Yuki wasn't about to climb up after him. Nope. With her luck, she'd be blasted away before she even tried. So she backed up a few steps, being able to do nothing more than watch what was about to unfold.

As per their usual routine, a BB's head peaked ever so slightly out of the canon, preparing to be launched. As it did though, Kio jumped up, slamming his feet hard onto the back half of the canon, causing it to tilt.

With the BB now aimed at justthe the rightdance angle, Kio ran and jumped just as it was fired. His paws latched onto the BB and he held on tight as the BB made it's way towards the sky.

"Wahoo!!" He yelled out in joy, laughing excitedly. What a grand idea this was!

On the ground, Yuki facepawed, shaking her head before looking up at him, "You do remember that they EXPLODE right?!" As Kio looked down to her, her words stopping his laughter and smiles, his ears folded back and he gulped.

"Oh fu---"


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