Brickstins Angel Has A Shotgun by LilMoshie

Brickstins Angel Has A Shotgun


21 May 2016 at 17:31:37 MDT

Brickstin sat, watching the human approach, it was obvious that they meant to harm him, but he had no worries. Behind him, a light shone brightly, from it, Moshie emerged in her human form. White wings expanded showing she was ready for war. Silver eyes locked onto her target as she held her shotgun tightly in her hand as it rested over her shoulder. Brickstin smirked, for even though she was an angel, she had a side to her that no one would want to dare mess with. A side that would go as far as to torture a being if they hurt Brickstin. She watched the human closely, daring them to make their next move. It was one thing to harm an innocent canine, but when it came to her lover, she would not have any mercy. Her life was devoted to protecting Brickstin, and making him happy, after all the abuse he had gone through previously.
(My character is normally feral but can change into a human or anthro.)
Inspired by:
Brickstin belongs to Eric
Moshie and art belong to me

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