Formal Dresses Now LIVE in my store! [free giveaway as well] by LillyCorthaine

Formal Dresses Now LIVE in my store! [free giveaway as well]


23 September 2014 at 05:45:56 MDT

My store felt barren, so I decided to make more product to fill its virtual "shelves"

Nothing too fancy, just a simple dress that I tested my hand at creating.
You can get the dresses separately as well for a cheaper price. Fat Pack costs L$240 while the single dresses cost L$50 each. If you are unsure, I can demonstrate them in world!

DISCLAIMER: This fat pack and each dress inside is made ONLY for the default LindenLabs Avatar Body, and will NOT work with mesh bodies! So keep that in mind before claiming a free Fat Pack! I DO plan on creating appliers for the most popular breast mods once I am able to buy them, so stay tuned!
!!!AVATAR NOT INCLUDED!!! (Because it is by DarkSpotDesigns, and I do not own them I only own the dresses seen in the image)

Also, I am giving out 50 FREE copies of this fat pack! Go to my journal for more information!
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