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Surf Girls! by lil_dredre

Surf Girls!


Now presenting, the next part of the beach series with Pak009! ;D Just in time for the beginning of the warm summer months!

One of Karla's favorite pastimes is surfing, giving her a shot of adrenaline to shake up the normality of her day. At the beach, she always has her board nearby, and offered to give Faith, Jennifer, and Katrina surfing lessons using boards from the seaside shop Karla operates.

They decided to pose for a picture beforehand, one that's probably going to wind up on Katrina's instagram. XD

ALSO! This is the grand debut of Faith the Rough Collie's new redesign, and a huge thank you goes to Pak009 for helping me with it! :D Hope you all enjoy Faith's new look, and she trimmed for the beach, but might be fluffier in the future. ;3

Art is by the very talented Pak009 ( )

Faith Keaton, Karla Nelson, Jennifer King, and Katrina Franklin belong to lil_dredre lil_dredre