Bio-Morph F.A.Q. one by Ligerstripe

Bio-Morph F.A.Q.

What is a Bio-Morph?

Bio-Morph is short for Biological Anthropomorphic Robot, the media shortened it to Bio-Morph and the name stuck.

So is this just the standard Anthropomorphic animal race by another name?

Yes and no. This isn't the standard humans with animal fur, ears, and tail. These are closer to uplifted animals, or 'converted' humans.
The closest to human they get is a 60% animal 40% human genetic mix, going as low as 80/20.
Also regardless of genetic makeup a Bio-Morph will still look closer to the animal they are based off of than a human, human like hands are the only exception due to them having to use human tools and equipment.
Adapted to bipedal locomotion they can do quadrupedal movement if they wanted to.
They also cannot speak any human language, except maybe that African clicking language, but they have their own made from their various animal noises they can make.

What are the 'breeds'?

General Labor;
Wolves (Larger Species)
Domestic Canines of various breeds
Domestic Felines of various breeds
Vulpine's (Gray and Artic)

Minor Specialized Labor;
Wolves (Smaller species)
Komodo Dragons (bodyguard model only)
Pangolin's (hazardous labor model only)

Pet Models;

Exotic Use Models, majority female but males can be ordered;
Vulpine's (Red and similar)
Domestic Felines of various breeds

But keep in mind that 'all' of the species are based off of the initially created species, Grey Wolf.
As a result no matter the breed they share similar behavior.
They will form 'packs' with Alpha male and female if kept in large enough groups, otherwise the human handlers will be their 'alpha'.
Where biology allows they all make similar sounds, barks, yips, growls, mewls, etc, allowing cross species communication.
Yet with the lack of inter-group communication between companies purchased Bio-Morphs language differences will pop up from group to group.
They are 'ALL' mammals and have most if not all the mammal characteristics. Yes that means the komodo dragon Bio-Morph is warm blooded and the females have breasts, same with the two avian looking Bio-Morphs.

You mentioned 'conversion', whats that?

It's what it says on the tin. Conversion is the process of transforming a compatible human into a Bio-Morph.

So this universe also includes 'transformation'. If they are all slaves and can't talk why would anyone want to be one?

It is not a process willfully chosen.
Conversion is an open secret of sorts in this universe, the information about it and it's existence is available on the locked down Internet for those who want to know.
But it's not broadcast to the public at large. Who think it's mostly here-say and Internet rumor.
The countries that practice Bio-Morph slavery license the tech from the corporation that created them to act as a 'relief valve' for the large unemployable human population which resulted from their adoption.
As well as a form of death penalty, well identity death anyway.

How does the conversion process work?

Compatible humans are injected with a modified virus. The virus only contains their DNA merged with that of the desired breed and gender.
The virus has no DNA for self replication so it is not infectious and needs an enzyme activator to inject the DNA once attached to a human cell which results in a stable delivery system.
They are also submersed in a tank filled with a sterile medium and more of the Virus.
After a month in the tank every cell will have at least one viral payload attached and at which point the activation enzyme is both injected and flushed into the tank.
From there it takes anywhere from three to six months depending on target species and gender to fully change the subject.
After that the tank is drained and once they awaken from the coma drugs they either eat their first meal laced with the enzyme that halts the changes or they are injected with it if they somehow find the will power to refuse to eat.

And no one notices these people are missing?

Do you notice the lack of homeless on your city streets even though you know they should be there?
Can someone living in a regime like china's do anything if they know the state took their relative to be converted?

Which nations participate in Bio-Morph slavery?

The United States, China, The United Kingdom except Scotland which follows the letter but not the spirit, France, Brazil actively participate in it.
Russia, most of Africa, the remaining nations of south America, and Indonesia neither explicitly support nor ban the practice.
The rest of the world either out right bans it and declares them 'human' such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and Spain.
Or have signed onto the United Nations non-binding resolution declaring as such after the active participators left the organization.
Japan was one of the first nations to support and actively participate, but later switched to joining the rest of the world in banning it on the national level after the prime minister's son's life was saved by one.

Is this also going to be one of those war to over throw slavery worlds?

Simple answer, No. Those who participate in it have booming economies making the idea of a fight over ideals and the massive loss of life unpalatable to the rest of the world.
As well as keeping the supporters of Bio-Morph rights in participating nations a very small minority.

Complicated answer, If the universe lasts long enough stories may be written of new rights gained through other means.

Bio-Morph F.A.Q. one


11 April 2015 at 15:21:29 MDT

First FAQ of the universe Seirei-puff and i are fleshing out.

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