Syvarous Welcomes You To MERVAS! by Libra-11

Syvarous Welcomes You To MERVAS!


13 March 2014 at 15:25:11 MDT

Approaching the top of the hill, the landscape finally melded into one of pure technological marvel combined with utmost care for everything that organic nature had inspired them to contain. That golden tower was finally given context, just the tallest in a beautiful postmodern city. Clean and efficient, Centrii was the last of the ideal urban hubs, a portrait of the best intentions of any major metropolis unspoiled by carelessness and greed.

"My precious users... welcome to MERVAS!" the tall and proud tyrannosaur boasted with a soft grin raising the edges of his lips.

This was a birthday gift for my best friend and business partner, Lurdanjo, from last year, but it's still one of my best pictures, and probably the most complex background I have ever drawn!

MERVAS the android society and the character Syvarous belong to him. <3 Here's more info that he gave on the picture and the city portrayed:

This picture has been a very long time in the works, even switching artists after remaining but a vision for years, but it's finally here, and absolutely jaw-dropping. Probably one of Libra's best works to date, if not his absolute best background pieces ever conceived.

Every building in this city has been constructed with specific purpose in mind. Another image in the near future will show off some of the main skyscrapers and what they're for.

The golden tower in the center is not only the icon of MERVAS, but also the home of the HiveMind network, which allows androids to wirelessly communicate and share information for better efficiency and enrichment of organic visitors. It is the highest point in all of MERVAS, over a mile tall, and also supplies the artificial atmosphere of the synthetic realm.

Of course, the big guy there is Syvarous, the first MERVASian created and the undisputed king of the android nation. He is a proud and somewhat vain leader, but is also one of the most generous entities one could ever imagine. His ultimate goal is to create a mutually enriching paradise for all organic beings and synthetic beings to coexist and express themselves creatively. He also heavily promotes hedonism as a means for achieving peace and happiness!