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Lantern Light of The Kitsune Curse by Levirya

Lantern Light of The Kitsune Curse


"When the present becomes your future you lie and wait for the future to take you home. But when the present is your future, you all have a light to guide but to the past."

this is a personal piece of my character Akira Conveyance, he is my kitsune boy. but in this picture he only has one tail. in the story he is in kitsunes must earn their tails and he has not earn one. so thats why lol

this is a new painting style i'm working on. to be honest i don't know if i like it or not. it doesn't compare to the other painting style i've seen and well...this took me so long to complete...maybe in the two weeks i've had it took me five full days to was a really hard piece to complete and i still don't think it lives up to any exceptions but ill let you guys decide

what do you think of the painting?
the character design was not by me, it was a design trade i did with anesthetics at Fa
i really love his design,

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