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The balm and breeze by Leonidas Draconic

The balm and breeze

Leonidas Draconic

Despite the time of year, the weather as of late has been overwhelmingly pleasant, in a good way. Despite my wardrobe containing numerous heavy coats and long sleeve shirts, My home state doesn't get frigid until around the end of December. Between the end of Fall and the beginning of Winter, it gets incredibly windy, the trees sway too and fro in the wind, the grass blows too, and you can hear crickets chirping, like a group o college kids joking and laughing late at night before turning in. It's one of my favorite times to just go walking, put on some warm ambient meditative tune and stroll around taking it all in.
I wanted to create a piece of artwork that encapsulated and captured that atmospheric feeling, that appreciation of the balmy breeze, the crickets singing and the end of Fall, staring out at the sun as it sets and the sky is filled with dark clouds not carrying rain but instead acting as gentle quiet curtains dragging the dark along with them.
I love working with borders as well. Or rather it's something I find myself rather fond of lately. Using darkness to really create a pocket of reality someone can peer into. There's something meditative and calming about the color black to me when utilized in this regard. It's almost like scrying in a way. I think I can call it that lol

Done in Painttoolsai

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