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pona. by Leonidas Draconic


Leonidas Draconic

jan ale o kama lukin

During the time my drawing hand was wrapped up, I decided to make good on a plan I'd had since last year which was to learn the conlang Toki Pona, a language based on simplifying thoughts and mental minimalism by incorporating a base of 120 words give or take. One of my favorite aspects of language is when the words have more of an essence rather than a strict definitive singular meaning, and that's the vibe I get from a language like this. I like incorporating the language into my art from time to time and that idea gave rise to this painting of my deer fursona Darby with the language's symbol drawn using his eye. The ring with three emitters or "toki" meaning language or communication, speaking or expressing; and his painted eyelash representing the "pona" symbol which means good, healthy, to make well, etc. Combined the two represent the languages name: "Toki Pona: The Language of Good."

Several months and over 161 words later I'd like to think I've got a decent grasp on understanding how to at least read and understand the language. I'm in no way fluent in the language just yet, but I've enjoyed my time picking it up, and learning all it's nuances.

Painting made in Paint Tool Sai
sitelen li pali kepeken ni: ilo sitelen Saja

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